Bird Box Barcelona

Release date and platform

Netflix is back with a Spin-Off of Bird Box i.e “Bird Box Barcelona” an upcoming film premiere on July 14, 2023 on “Netflix”.

About “Bird Box Barcelona”

“Bird  Box  Barcelona”  is a spin-off of Bird Box that  once   made  a  big   splash  on  Netflix.  This movie will  tell   about  a new group of survivors. Starring Sandra Bullock, the post-apocalyptic thriller follows a woman named Malorie (Bullock) who must navigate a perilous journey with two children,  a   boy  and  a  girl,   across   a   world  world where an  invisible  entity causes people to  commit   suicide  after  observing   her.
According   to  the  released  trailer,  a mysterious force  is   slaughtering  the world’s population, Sebastian must lead his survival journey through the deserted streets of Barcelona. As he forms  an   evil  alliance with the other survivors and  they   attempt  to escape from the city, an unexpected and even more sinister threat  grows.Bird Box Barcelona

Casts And Production

Here are some of the main and notable characters of the movie “Bird Box Barcelona”:
Mario Casas as Sebastian
Naila Schuberth as Sophia
Georgina Campbell
Diego Calva
Alejandra Howard
Lola Duenas
Patrick Criado
Gonzalo De Castro
Michelle Jenner
Leonardo Sbaraglia
You will get to see many other cast members in the movie i.e not yet revealed by the makers.
Production- The “Bird Box Barcelona” is directed by “Alex Pastor” and “David pastor” and produced by Dylan Clark, Nuria Valls, Adrian Guerra, Chris Morgan, Ryan Lewis, Josh Malerman with a budget of approx 2 crore USD.

Review of “Bird Box Barcelona”

According   to  the  trailer,   “Bird  Box  Barcelona”   will  also  be  a  big hit  like  Bird Box. The  storyline  is  compelling,  the characters are  well   developed,  and the world-building is phenomenal. The acting is  great  and the  scary   moments  are  well   executed,  making for a truly terrifying experience. The special effects are breathtaking and the  themes of love,  sacrifice  and the mysteries of the universe make  the  film   an   outstanding   representative   of   the   science   fiction  genre.  I  also highly  recommend   this   film   to  anyone who loves a good thriller!


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Who is the director of “Bird Box Barcelona”?
David Pastor and Alex Pastor are the directors of Bird Box Barcelona.
Where can i watch “Bird Box Barcelona“?
You can watch the movie at your nearest cinemas and the movie will also stream on the OTT platform “ Netflix”.
Is “Bird Box Barcelona” sequel of Bird Box?
No, Bird Box Barcelona is not a  sequel  but  a  spin-off.   While  the original film was set in the  US,  this  spin-off  will  be   set  across the Atlantic in Barcelona,  ​​​​​​Spain,   during   the   same   period.






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