IB 71 Vidyut Jammwal Movie Review, Trailer and Story

Releasing date and platform

Vidyut Jammwal is back again to conquer everyone’s heart with his action thriller movie IB 71, which is schedule to release on May 12, 2023 on your nearest cinema. (NOTE: This movie will also premiere on OTT platform which is not yet revealed by the makers).

About the movie

As you can see in the trailer, IB 71 is full of  twists  and  turns   that   keep   you   curious   about   what’s   coming   next.  In  the movie, Vidyut Jammwal as Dev Jammwal plays a role of an  IB officer who is a pilot.  Using  his  talent   as   a   spy,  he gathered  details   of   a   Pakistani-led   covert  operation  to  covertly  attack  India  in 1971  within 10 days. After  receiving  the  information, Dev Jammwal  forwarded   the  information to IB  Director , N.S. Awasthi.  After knowing Pakistan’s   malicious   intentions,  the  Indian Intelligence  Service  planned  to   carry  out  a secret mission  under   the  leadership of Dev Jammwal  to  Pakistan to  sabotage   the   intentions  of  Pakistan’s  attack plan . An Indian plane was hijacked by an Indian (happened first time in the history of the world)  and  a  secret mission started  from   there  and in the result of the mission, Pakistan itself block the airspace in eastern Pakistan  (now  known as Bangladesh) and no air  strikes   have   occurred  in that  area  by Pakistan  or  its war partner China.  In  the end, India  bravely  fought   back  and won  against Pakistan and  the   newly   formed   nation   of   BangladeshIB 71 Vidyut Jammwal Movie Review, Trailer and Story

Cast and production

The talented and amazing casts of IB 71 that makes the movie  more interesting  are as following-
  • Vidyut Jammwal as Dev Jammwal
  • Anupam Kher as IB Chief N.S. Awasthi
  • Vishal Jethwa as Qasim Qureshi
  • Faizan Khan as Ashfaq Qureshi
  • Dalip Tahil as Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
  • Suvrat Joshi as Joshi
  • Mir Sarwar as Sub Inspector J & K
  • Hobby Dhaliwal as Abdul Hamid Khan
  • Ashwath Bhatt as Afsal Aga
  • Sahidur Rahaman as Tapan Majumdar
  • Danny Sura as Sikander
  • Prathamesh V. Jadhav
  • Pyarali Nayani as Shimla Station Manager
  • Niharica Raizada as Agent / Air Hostess
  • Amit Anand Raut as Lahore police
  • Rajat Roy as IB officer
  • Narinder Bhutani as Indian Agent Passenger

Vidyut Jammwal announces his first production debut in the film industry and the making of the movie “IB 71” on January 13, 2022. IB 71 is made under the direction of Sankalp Reddy and the movie was produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Vidyut Jammwal Abbas Sayyed.


Based on the  Indo-Pakistan war of  1971,   many   films   were   shot,   such  as  the  “Border”,   “Ghazi   Attack”,  where we can see  a  direct  head-on   collision  between  the   armies   of  both  countries,  but  the   film   “IB 71”   gives  you something new to see.
Since  we all know Vidyut Jammwal  well  as an action  hero,  I think  we can see him in a serious role  in   this   movie  along with his amazing  performances.
With  all  the   thrill,  suspense and action, this movie is going to be a great hit in the film industry.
checkout the trailer here-https://youtu.be/oUqTkz1LBMA


what is the budget of the movie “ IB 71”?
Ans- The movie was made on the overall budget of ₹50-60 crore.
Is Vidyut Jammwal producer of the movie?
Ans- yes, for the first time Vidyut Jammwal is producing a movie and having a debut too in the movie.
Is IB 71 is a true based incident?
Ans- yes, IB 71 is a true based incident on indo- pakistan war 1971.
what is the genre of the movie “IB 71”?
Ans- The movie “IB 71” is a package of thriller, action and spy.
when is IB 71 releasing?
Ans- IB 71 is going to premiere on May 12, 2023 on your nearest cinema.






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